My Story


When you talk to a lot of entertainers the story usually goes that we all started at some young age of five or younger singing or acting or playing an instrument.  Or just entertaining our friends and family by being a total goofball.  Yup. That was me.

I was five when I started performing on stage touring with Galena St. East Performing Ambassadors in their children’s choir and later, various musical theater companies in the Sacramento, California area.  My parents made me choose an instrument when I was six years old.  So I chose the violin because of my adoration for Tweety Bird.  It wasn’t till I was twelve years old that I fell in love with fiddling rather than my  classical studies. 


Fast forward to my college years, while taking acting classes and performing on the University of Oregon stages I earned a B.A. in magazine journalism and produced and hosted her own television segments on campus.


Things I love and wish I had more time for:

Studying language in general. Foreign language is something I love. The sounds that hit my ears is pleasing.  The ability to communicate making other sounds or gestures that are not what you grew up with is fascinating to me.  When I listen to songs in other languages, 

Crafting, sewing.  There are so many things that I want to make.  I’m kind of a Pinterest addict and YouTube DIY addict. I see people making things and it inspires me.

Other trivia:

Trained under Matthew Dahl Osborne in Wushu Martial Arts for 5 years.

Studied acting with Vincent Guastaferro for 13 years.

Plays World of Warcraft.

Is an avid LARPer (Live Action Role Playing).

Likes to translate songs into the Tolken Elvish Language of Sindarin.