Mackenzie Jamieson


Mackenzie Jamieson is the kind of actor every director loves. She brings, raw talent, trained skills, improvisational spontaneity, and a strong respect for the craft into every situation whether it is a class or a rehearsal, and even when she is just entering a room. Those qualities immediately make her an asset to every artistic situation she endeavors and her ebullient personality is a gift to her peers and coworkers. I am grateful she chose me as a teacher/coach/mentor and am very proud to be part of her journey toward greatness.Vincent Guastaferro, Actor/Acting Coach


Mackenzie Jamieson is a passionate, compelling actor; she is Evangeline Lilly meets Rooney Mara. I’ve worked with Mackenzie on many projects and she is a pleasure to work with, talented and insightful, and enthusiastic and hard-working. To the diverse characters she plays, she brings a poise and intensity that is impossible not to watch. For any character that needs to be smart, sexy and strong, Mackenzie is my go to actor.–Seth Harrington, Writer


Mackenzie is sharp, creative and dedicated to any project she becomes involved with. Always ready to building on what her other collaborators bring to the process, her grasp of fantasy and the needs of a production work hand-in-hand. I look forward to working with her again.David August, Actor