Staged Reading of “Loving Eboneezer”

Mackenzie Jamieson, Lauren Baldwin, Luke Koehn, Vincent Guastaferro and Cindy Kania

Lastnight I had the pleasure of reading the role of the quirky ‘can do’ theater manager Wendy in a staged reading of the screenplay ‘Loving Ebeneezer’ by Gene Wolande.  Gene was showcasing the screen play to possible producers and backers as well as friends.   Some of my own colleagues from The Sport of Acting: Lauren Baldwin, Luke Koehn, Cindy Kania and my teacher Vincent Guastaferro read some of the other color full and heart-warming characters in this screenplay. Other actors participating in the read were Tim DeKay (who was fantastic) and Dan Lauria (an honor to get to meet), Jack Wallace (I always love Jack!), Natalia Nogulich, Nick Searcy, and a bunch of really talented actors who helped make Gene’s hysterical script come come to life.  It was such a treat to read the work, laugh and play with such great talent.

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