Mackenzie Jamieson



Mackenzie grew up on the stage touring with Galena St. East Performing Ambassadors and various musical theater companies in the Sacramento, California area. While taking acting classes and performing on the University of Oregon stages she earned a B.A. in magazine journalism and produced and hosted her own television segments on campus.

Mackenzie appeared as Molly Ringwald inspired character, Cassia, in the 80’s Prom/Horror Spoof Zombies Ate My Prom Date (2008) (V) and as a spunky tennis playing Japanese Pop character in Pizza Girl (2005).

In addition to film and television commercials, Mackenzie has appeared in numerous theater productions in Los Angeles, working with groups such as The Sport of Acting and the Berubians Theater Company playing lead roles and doing improvisation. She was once a member of The Omelletts Improv Troupe in North Hollywood.

Other trivia:

Trains under Matthew Dahl Osborne in Wushu Martial Arts.

Continues to study acting with Vincent Guastaferro.

Plays League of Legends online.

Is an avid LARPer (Live Action Role Playing).

Likes to translate songs into the Tolken Elvish Language of Sindarin