noun: LARPS; plural noun: LARPs
a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props.
“the genre we have chosen for our LARP is fantasy, also known as swords and sorcery”

What’s your history with LARP?

I have been LARPing for over a decade, been a board member of a LARP that’s been running for almost 15 years, was the art director for a LARP, and now produce and host a YouTube Channel showing people how to make costumes and props for LARP from items found a thrift stores.

What kind of characters have you played?

High Elves, wilde elves, fae, human warriors, lady knights, and even a pirate troll with stony freckles.

What kind of LARPs do you play?

My favorites are fantasy but I also love a good Sci-Fi LARP.