ZOMBIES ATE MY PROM DATE, written and directed by Alex Yi, Mackenzie plays Cassia, a Molly Ringwald inspired character, in this 80’s Prom/Horror Spoof.  Prom is inturrupted abruptly by flesh-eating zombies. It’s up to the popular chick, Cassia; the Drama-Queen, Donna (Jamie Angelise); the Jock, Brett (Chris Morgan); the weirdo, Ernie (Mark Tuura); and the geeks, Brewster (Seth Harrington), Herman (Blake Hogue)and Chubsy (Jason Rogel) to put their social differences aside and survive Prom night from the entire senior class of zombies.

METRO DUDES, directed by Maxime Brulein,  is a web-series where Mackezie plays the love interest of metro-sexual Shawn (Seth Harrington).  In the middle of attempting to obtain a very rare and highly desired moisturizer, Shawn is distracted from the mission by his lust for the heart of  Holly (Mackenzie) aka “H&M girl.”  With the help of his friends Cliff (Kristoffer Wight Kelly) and Pedro (Ric Rosario), Shawn attempts to make first contact with the girl of his dreams.



THE VIOLIN was a rare chance for Mackenzie to take out her violin and play on screen.  This AFI short directed by Inbar Gilboa, tells the story of a 17-year-old boy (Raviv Ullman) who falls in love with a girl named Judit  (Sarah Drew) in 1944 Hungary. The two are separated during the Nazis invasion, but then reunited in a concentration camp. Mackenzie played Judit’s friend in her violin class before the Nazi invasion.



PIZZA GIRL was a feature written and directed by Brian Murphy. In this film, Mackenzie played a spunky tennis playing Japanese Pop character.  The film was done as a mix of live action and Japanese style animation.  This character actually inspired the creation of another character I bring out in improv sketches that I named “Yumi.” Mackenzie admits.